Ubuntu up and about

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Linux, Ubuntu
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So, I have Ubuntu up and running as a small server at home and now I am writing this from a laptop I had laying around.  The specs are nothing special but it runs great and I can use that as I work more on my Android development and a few other things in the Linux world.
When I get a few more things done I will be back but in the mean time I will be working on maintaining the server and doing some other ssh work and keeping up to date.  I installed a version of ebox recently and blew it up when i tried to upgrade it from a version was working well to the latest version.  Fragmentation is a problem I am noticing on Linux.  10.10 doesn’t play well with the version of ebox I was trying but from everything I read 10.04 was. That should do it for now. Until the next thing gets me upset or I break something else.


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