DROID RAZR Boot Animation and Audio [Updated]

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Android
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So today over at Droid Life they have a post containing the DROID RAZR Boot Animation, sound and the other system notification sounds.  I have already loaded the boot animation onto my X2 but the audio will not play.  This is a little strange since I have no problems using the BIONIC boot animation and its sound.  I will keep working on getting this to go but in the meantime check after the jump for the links to get your hands on the files and a short walk through to install the boot animation if you don’t already know how.  For those of you new to changing your boot animation the steps I use do require root.  You may be able to put the files in your data/local folder without root but I like putting them in the system media folder where the stock boot animation lives.

Files: bootanimation.zip droidhd.ogg and RAZR_audio.zip

I use Root Explorer and Dropbox to get the files on my phone and perform the steps below.  You can click on either name to be taken to the market to download them.  You do not need these applications but I highly recommend them.

Lets start with the boot animation.  The first thing we are going to do is backup the current boot animation.  Open Root Explorer or the app of your choice (again this requires root).  Navigate to system/media and mount the file system as R/W.  There you should see your existing bootanimation.zip.  Rename the file to bootanimation.zip.bak, this makes it easy to restore by just deleting the new one and renaming this one.  You should not have to do anything with the existing .ogg file if your phone has one.

Now that we have a good backup we can navigate to where ever on your phone you placed the files and copy them to system/media.  The RAZR_bootanimation.zip will then need to be renamed to bootanimation.zip.  I use the header part to help keep all of my boot animations organized.

So if you didn’t have a sound you should have three files in the folder now: bootanimation.zip.bak, bootanimation.zip and droidhd.ogg.  If your existing boot animation has sound there will be a file there for it as well.

Reboot your phone and enjoy the new boot animation.

For the notification sounds these are a little easier.  All you should have to do is extract the archive to a folder named media on your SD card.  You may have to reboot your phone for these to show up and be usable.  I have not yet  tested this and will follow-up if anyone has any troubles.

That should be everything and now you can enjoy some RAZR sound and visual goodness while you wait for the phone to hit shelves.

[Updated]  This is the strangest thing I have every seen or heard of.  My X2 locked up today so as it was sitting there and I was waiting for it to reboot I heard the boot sound.  I then proceeded to reboot the phone and now everytime it boots I hear the RAZR boot sound.  Funny thing is my wife got a RAZR this weekend and I have never heard the sound on her phone.  I am thinking the ogg file is too quiet to be heard properly I am going to try and adjust the audio levels and see what happens.

Here is the link for those of you still looking that I increased the volume on.  So far it seems to be that was the issue that the file was just way to quiet to be heard properly. I have tried this on my X2 and everything seems to working properly now.

droidhd.ogg (I left the file name the same so all you have to do is overwrite it. The link at the top of the post is also for this new file.)

  1. justin says:

    I still have no audio during boot. all files are in system/media. Boot animation works but no audio. Any ideas

    • strifejester says:

      After all of the trying I found it was something with the file and there is audio but it is extremely quiet. I have tried a few other OGG files that are louder and it seems to help. Making the existing one louder though caused a lot of distortion.

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