Droid X2 Bootstrap and ROM

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Android
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I have had my X2 for a while but was always content with just having root on it. After the last update though I was getting sick of all the random reboots and other problems that had crept up.  So I went off to XDA Forums and found a few posts about the boot strapper and a ROM that seemed to be pretty popular.  There is one downfall to doing all of this on the X2 though. You must use a wall charger to get into recovery since it hi-jacks the charge mode of the phone.  You must already have root access if you do not have root access keep your eyes peeled for another post coming soon about how to gain root.  There is a method that was found on the D3 but works on most Motorola phones.  I believe this was a type of backdoor created by Motorola that was never properly shut after development.  All of the files needed for this can be found at the bottom of this post.

First we have to install the recovery apk. You will need to extract the apk from the rar archive, most compression utilities such as WinZip should be able to handle it.  OK I already extracted since I needed it installed to get the screen shots.  Once you have the ROM installed you will find the recovery in Eclipse Parts.  Like any other sideload make sure you have your application settings set to all you to install non-market apps.  You will also want to make sure that you place the ROM on your phone before starting any of the following steps.  I recommend reading over the steps, downloading the files and then attempting the process.  I always want to make sure that you are aware of the fact that you cannot do this if you are not in your home area of have WiFi.  The ROM does not come with data roaming enabled and you cannot get to it without skipping the start-up process.  If you skip the first run it may not download your apps from the market properly.  Again, make sure you are on your home network or have WiFi available to you to complete the start-up process.

Screen Shot of the Recovery Application:
Recovery ScreenShot































Follow the instructions in the application to get into the new recovery mode.  Once your phone is rebooted then we can move forward with making nandroid backups or installing custom ROMs.

Installing the ROM is pretty straight forward. With any new ROM you should always take a backup first just in case you hate it. Also you will generally need to wipe data and cache before installing the ROM.  There are times when you are installing a newer version of an existing ROM that will allow you to skip wiping data but you should always check with the developer before doing so.  Now that we have that out-of-the-way let’s get installing the ROM.

You will want to choose install zip from sdcard.  I generally place the ROM on my phone which will show up as MOT when you connect it to a PC in Mass Storage Mode.  It also wouldn’t hurt to place it in both locations.  I have noticed that after installing eclipse that it seems to choose sdcard-ext from recovery.  One other thing I have noticed is that once the ROM is installed if the phone is off when you plug it in it may hang at the red Moto logo.  If this happens give it a few minutes so that it can charge and then pull the battery and power the phone on again.  Once you see the boot animation you can then plug the charger in again.

Steps for installing the ROM are as follows: (Use the volume rocker to navigate and the power button to select options)

  1. Select “Wipe DATA/Factory reset” and wait for the menu to appear again
  2. Select :Wipe CACHE partition” and wait for the menu to appear again
  3. Select “Install zip from SDCARD”
  4. Select “Choose zip from sdcard” and then navigate to and select the ROM zip file.
  5. Confirm by navigating to “Yes – Install [ROM File Name.zip]
  6. Wait
  7. Unplug Charger (Can actually be done as soon as the phone is booted into recovery)
  8. Select “+++++Go Back+++++”
  9. Select “Reboot system now”
You should now have Eclipse installed on your phone.
Let me know in the comments if you have any troubles and I will do my best to help you out.
I may update the post with screen shots later but at the time of writing this I did not have another camera handy to use.
Files: RecoveryROM

Disclaimer: I have not created any of the programs written about here and take no responsibility for anything you do to your phone.  Remember to tip or donate the creator if you enjoy their work.  I will try to get links from the creators to their donate page if possible.


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