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Posted: January 2, 2012 in Android, Nexus S 4G
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I spent my time ringing in the new year doing something I have wanted to do from the first day I bought my OG.  It took a few years but I finally have built Android from source.  I guess now I actually fall into that developer category, kind of.  I am working on adding new things to the build as we speak but I am still learning how to incorporate other sources into my build and other repos instead of just using the full Google build.  If you own a Nexus S 4G and are interested in trying it out read on for a few more details and the download link.

First, a little background on my build environment.  I am using a virtual machine running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on top of vSphere 5.  The system only has a single XEON 5120 but it does the job nicely.  I recommend at least 8GB of RAM or better after watching what it takes for this build.  I am sure with a faster CPU I could really decrease my build times consider that the entire time I am building the source the CPU is pegged.  I am going to try exporting the VM into my local machine which has an AMD 6 core CPU in it but not as much RAM.  Currently there is a lot of work to do but if you are brave enough to give it a go here is the link to my ROM.

You will have a fully working phone with 4G though I have not been able to test it yet and probably won’t be in an area with 4G until later this month.  I am sure there are bugs and there are no Google Apps or Market on the phone yet.  The reason is that to get the Google apps you actually have to submit the build to Google.  I will not be doing this and probably use the same method as many CM users do.  I did install the zip using clockwork on my phone and was able to get all of the apps except Gmail running.  I will be working on this build more in the near future and watching the repo for anything new but my first priority is to get ROM Manager and SU into the build out of the box.  I also seem to be overwriting the recovery every time I boot.  This is another major to-do on the list.  If you use the build or have some experience and would like to help work on it in the future please let me know and I will keep you in the loop.

The next build will contain build.prop edits to make the Market recognize the phone a little better as well.

  1. Juan Topo says:

    I am sorry, but i need to ask you something off topic. Did you try using your mifi sim card with the Android tablet? Was it possible? What was your experience? Any problems?

    • strifejester says:

      Not a problem, I actually have not used it yet but will have a chance this weekend my previous plans to get to a 4G area were cancelled. I do have service with my XOOM currently and will be switching them this weekend. I will reply again once I get back from my weekend away. I could also swap the cards this evening just to see if it works. I have heard that it does work from a few sources that took their card out of their Thunderbolt and used it in the XOOM. Look for another reply soon.

  2. Juan Topo says:

    Thank you very much! That one is a big doubt i have because instead of just using a mifi, it would be more useful to use an Android phone or tablet with an external battery when you need it as a hotspot. But i do not know if Verizon gives you a hard time with the MEID like you said.

  3. Juan Topo says:

    Great! Thanks!

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