Chrome Finally Arrives

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Android, Apps
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If you are anything like me you have been waiting for this for a long time.  Today Chrome hit the market in Beta form.  Read on for a direct link to the apk if you cannot get it and more details.

So far it looks like this is ICS only which is no surprise in all honesty.  Also there appears to be no flash support which should also not come as a surprise since Adobe announced it was ending mobile developement.  There does also appear to be a regional lock to the USA for downloading via the market, hence why I am providing the apk for you.


You can hit up the Chromium blog here for full details.

The key features are some things that I have been waiting for and I must say they do not disappoint.  Here are the main things from the Android Google+ Post.

Speed: Top search results are loaded in the background to let you fly through webpages as quickly as you can flick your finger.

Simplicity: Access an unlimited number of tabs and flip or swipe between them using intuitive gestures.

Sign in: Access your bookmarks and the tabs you left open on your computer from your mobile device, picking up exactly where you left off.

I have been running it for a few hours now and it is fast, maybe it’s the lack of anything flash that helps.  Unlimited tabs may not be the best since I am sure it will start devouring resources.  The sign in is the one thing I love.  I always have Chrome open at home, work and on my laptop.  With the sign in access I can pull up the tabs that are open elsewhere and bring them to my phone.  The one thing I want to see is taking this the other way though.  There are plenty of times I start reading something on my phone and then want to sit down at my desk and finish it.  Hopefully they add that support to the desktop browser soon.


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