200 ROM Downloads

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Android, Nexus S 4G
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My ROM now has over 200 downloads according to ROM Manager.  I just finished uploading version 1.1 which I have been running for over a week now myself and consider it to be for the most part complete.  I did add some of the 4.0.4 proprietaries and few tweaks to make it boot faster.  One thing I have noticed is a huge increase to battery life with the new 4.0.4 proprietaries.  Click through for the link.

There is a screenshot I took of the home screen with the custom People Icon and Phone Icon.  The newest version has a new Browser Icon and also the other tweaks mentioned in the lead in.  I will be adding this to the Nexus S Page along some of the other things I have such as radios. Thanks to everyone that has given it a try so far.  I am thinking of making new versions with different colors if the interest is there so please leave a comment if you would like to see a different color than the red.



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