Beta Build Coming

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Android, Nexus S 4G
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I have spent the last few evening going over my build and getting back to adding the features I wanted to include.  I looked at a lot of the notification toggles and finally settled on a set to implement. There have been a few issues with the build and I am incorporating some other ideas and getting things back into sync.  

As soon as there is a working build look for it here and in ROM Manager.  Please leave any feedback about it since there are a lot of changes being implemented.  A change log is coming but with all of the other repos I have integrated to make some of these changes there are bound to be some that are over looked.  I also tweaked a few more colors here and there finishing up a few that I ran across. Other than that I am still waiting for a factory build of 4.0.4 that sounds like it might be out soon.  As soon as I have it in my hand I will have a copy of it here.

A friendly reminder that my ROM does have unique features but is based of Peter Alfonso’s Bugless Beast.  His repos were and are a start for all of my builds.  If you like my builds please take the time to try his out.  You can get it on ROM Manager or from his site by clicking here.

Nexus S 4G only.  If anyone would like to see the same colors and setting on the Galaxy Nexus let me know as I should be able to bring the colors and customization over.


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