HP TouchPad Information Coming Soon CM9 Nightlies Available

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Android, HP TouchPad
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I finally got my hands on an HP TouchPad.  I was at the local Best Buy this weekend and they had 1 32GB left for $149.99.  I grabbed it took it home and gave WebOS about 45 minutes to impress me.  Needless to say it didn’t impress at all.  My wife will be the primary user of the tablet and wanted to use our Nook account, so I hit their “Market” and there is no Nook app.  She was instantly ready for ICS which meant I got to play with it.  Read more for a little information about my install issues and some great news about CM9.

The install process is pretty easy but there is something that I ran into that seems to be pretty common.  Clockworkmod Recovery will not stay installed and sometimes not install at all.  Apparently this is a known error after the latest update from HP.  The boot portion of the device runs out of space or something like that.  There are some instruction out there that can lead to fixing this error and I will include them in a post coming out shortly.  I will also try to get a full walk through up about installing CM9 on the TouchPad.  I follow CyanogenMod on Google+ and was pleased to see an announcement about the TouchPad.  Nightlies are now available for the TouchPad which is great news for people like me who can’t wait for some of the bugs to get worked out.  The camera in the Alpha I have is not working which is a minor issue but still an issue.  That pretty much wraps it up for now keep an eye out for instructions to install CM9 on the HP TouchPad and some mirrors to the builds I am running.  If you already know how to install it here is the link to the nightly: http://download.cyanogenmod.com/get/update-cm-9-20120327-NIGHTLY-tenderloin-signed.zip


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