IMM76K Direct for Verizon Galaxy Nexus Manual OTA Instructions [UPDATED][New Working Link]

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Android, Galaxy Nexus
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So everyone has been waiting for the IMM76K update today and here it is.

Looks like Google moved the file.  Hope this doesn’t mean there was a major bug found.

Have no fear though the update I have is uploaded and ready to go here:

There it is direct from Google.  If you are unlocked and got root it’s easy to get it installed but what about those who are locked and unrooted?  Here are your instructions.

Follow this video just replace the IMM30B with the new IMM76K

Here is the commands from the video since they are hard to see and links to mempodroid. Download the pre-compiled file place in the same folder as adb and the

adb push /sdcard/

adb push mempodroid /data/local/tmp

adb shell

cd /data/local/tmp

chmod 777 mempodroid

./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b mount -o remount,rw '' /system  [UPDATE: This is 2 single ‘ quote marks not a double quote mark. Many people it appears are using the double quote and this is kicking them out of the shell.  This is an issue with WordPress I have noticed that it is automatically changing the 2 single quotes I typed in to a double quote when it saves. I have used the <code> tag to see if this fixes the issue with WordPress.]

./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b sh

cd /sdcard

cat > /cache/



adb reboot recovery

To enter the stock recovery press volume up and power once on the open Android Screen.

Some people are having trouble getting from the Android laying down to the recovery options.  What has worked for me every time is to press power first then press volume up.  I usually have the power button held for about a half a second before pressing volume up.  Then use volume down to select the second option and then choose

Choose to install update and then pick the file and wait for the magic.

  1. Brandon says:

    The full zip includes the new radios right?

  2. diobando says:

    does this wipe the phone

  3. Brandon says:

    Pleased to say your instructions worked fine. With the exception of this line.

    ./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b mount -o remount,rw ” /system

    I had to close the quote, or else the # sign never showed up …

    Thanks. I am happily enjoying 4.0.4 and the new radios.

  4. jrupac says:

    Hi, this tutorial works great for me up to the last step. However, when I try to enter Stock Recovery, I get the red exclamation. This happens if I do “adb reboot recovery” or if I go into Fastboot mode directly and try to enter Recovery. What am I doing wrong? (Locked, unrooted 4.0.2 CDMA)

    • strifejester says:

      Nothing when that screen comes up press power then press volume up. You might have to try a few times. It can be a bit picky to get into the stock recovery. Sometimes it seems that you have to hit power a split second before pressing volume up. Even when I did it it took me about 4 tries to get to the recovery screen. That will get you to the screen where you can use the volume rocker to select the update file.

  5. sk8rphink says:

    Is it possible to do this on a Mac? I see that you are using the command prompt in windows.

  6. Brandon says:

    Should we be into the reasoning behind google pulling the update?

    • strifejester says:

      Not sure I am thinking Verizon had something to do with it. Too many people getting it at once for them or perhaps some final testing was not done. It may possibly knock us off the upgrade path which would require using the factory images and unlocking the bootloader at a later point in time to get back on the upgrade path. You can always re-lock the bootloader if you wanted but if this takes us off the upgrade path you will lose all data when you unlock to get back on.

  7. Scotty says:

    I dont understand how to do all the cmd lines and such? Someone mind explaining a bit more in detail?

    • strifejester says:

      You will need to have the SDK installed and then you have to place all of the files in the same folder as the adb executable where the sdk is installed. Once you have the SDK installed and all of the files in there then open a command prompt and navigate to that location and issue the commands.

      • Scotty says:

        Where do I get the SDK? and what is the adb executable youre talking about?

      • Scotty says:

        Also you did say this will not wipe my phone correct?

      • strifejester says: Is where the SDK is available direct from Google. Follow the install instructions on the bottom of the page to install and get the platform tools installed once it is installed adb.exe will be in the platform-tools folder wherever you chose to install the sdk. I am working on a sort of all in one script/zip that will include adb for those that do not have it. Keep an eye out tonight for that once I get home from work.

      • strifejester says:

        Correct, I installed this last night on my personal use phone that has over 75 applications installed and nothing was wiped using the process described.

      • Scotty says:

        how do I download mempodroid? When I got to the site it doesnt give me an option of download it just shows me a bunch of line of code or some such

      • strifejester says:

        About 3/4 of the way down the mempodroid page is a link for the pre compiled version

      • Scotty says:

        Ok, I think I found the file. I have the SDK installed and waiting on it to install tools and such. After thats done Ill put the update. zip and the other file in there with it and then just open a command prompt and start with adb push /sdcard/ ? to begin?

      • strifejester says:

        Correct just make sure you are in the folder with adb on the command prompt. The easiest way is with windows 7 is hold shift then right click on the folder and choose open command prompt here.

      • Scotty says:

        I downloaded everything and there is no adb file that downloaded with tools in the sdk. Did I do something wrong?

      • strifejester says:

        It should be in the platform-tools folder where the sdk is installed. I will double check which part of the sdk has to downloaded to get the tools.

      • Scotty says:

        Since this is a google update it will not mess up any update path if something newer comes out right? Even if its still 4.0,4

      • strifejester says:

        It has been pulled from Google servers so it is hard to say. IMM30B was an ota from Google but no one knows how to go from that to this. If this update never gets pushed to end users there is a chance that there will not be an update from this to the next version.

      • Scotty says:

        What would I have to do to fix that if/when it happens?

      • strifejester says:

        Use fastboot to flash the stock images from Google which will wipe the device at that time.

      • Scotty says:

        Ok I typed in the stuff as is on the page in the cmd promt and it told me device not found yada yada

      • strifejester says:

        The phone needs to be in USB debugging mode. That is getting a little beyond the scope of this post. Let me get a link to the drivers and some other stuff put together in a new post tonight. Keep an eye out for it later when I get home from work.

      • Scotty says:

        I finally got it to go past there but having the same issue as steven below. It seems to be what the guy above was talking about the # never showing up trying to go past ./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b mount -o remount,rw ” /system

      • strifejester says:

        It also appears you are using a double quote if you retyped and or copied from your command prompt please use 2 ‘ single quotes.

    • Scotty says:

      Yeah I caught that after I posted sorry lol. But when I get to the line chmod 777 mempodroid it says no such file or directory

      • strifejester says:

        That means the adb push command did not copy correct. After the cd /data/local/tmp command you can type ls to see what is all in the folder make sure you see mempodroid there. If you watch the YouTube video link you can see all of the commands and what the results should be the video may be a little more in depth than what I can describe.

      • Scotty says:

        It was copied straight off your post above. I even went back and tried two singles and still went like the guy below. It doesnt actually drop you from the shell. If you re-enter the same line it takes you back to the same prompt/dir you had before you entered it.

      • strifejester says:

        I am not sure about yours I could tell from the screen shot in the other post that it was a double ” not 2 single ” (depending on the font that will show up right). Also make sure it is a continuous line when it is copied and pasted an extra break or carriage return gave me the same result as what you were receiving with the carrot and then pressing enter returned me to the shell.

      • Scotty says:

        I finally got it all done but when the phone rebooted it had the android with the red triangle above it. I pulled the battery and tried to go in again but had no option to install.

      • strifejester says:

        This is covered at the bottom of the tutorial but here it is again since I added it later and have made some updates to the original post. Press power then press volume up that will take you past the red exclamation point and into the stock recovery from there use volume down to go to the install option (should only require pressing volume down and then pressing enter) and use power to select then on the next screen choose the file.

      • Scotty says:

        I read that before I started and have tried several times in different manners. Now granted do I have to redo all the above steps if I fail and have to do a battery pull? So far everything I have done hasnt gotten me past the triangle.

        Also it seems that it is double quotes in the command line only if you copy and paste. When I went back and tried again to manually put in two singles it worked.

      • strifejester says:

        You should not have redo the steps even if you battery pull since once the file is in the cache folder it should stay there. With that being said once you get to the Red Exclamation Point. Press and hold the power button then press volume up. If it does not go to the recovery make sure you are not pressing any other buttons or touch the screen for a few seconds and repeat. It can be a little tricky if you are not used to doing it but you do no need to do a battery pull just keep trying until you get there and you should be fine. I know I added it later and if you were replying using email I thought maybe you missed it once I added it. Sometimes it seems that you have to press the power and volume up at the same time too instead of power then volume up.

      • Scotty says:

        I finally got the thing to go into it but no files there to click lol. Imagine I finally make it to the end to find nothing there. Gonna try to go through the whole thing now and see what happens.

      • strifejester says:

        It is possible that after Android finishes booting that it does clear the /cache folder. I would assume from you not seeing a file there that one of the first things it does on boot is empty that folder. I wish there was a way to go directly from ADB to the Recovery Menu but there is not. You should be able to skip pushing mempodroid and the to the scdcard though I believe those will stay.

      • Scotty says:

        FINALLY. Redoing it the file showed up and is installing. Thanks a ton for ALL the help. Hope I wasnt too much of a bother. Is there any clean up of files I need to do off my phone when I am done? Like temp files from that mempodroid file and such?

      • strifejester says:

        You could go back and delete mempodroid if you want but it is extremely small and not hurting anything sitting in /data/local/tmp. You might want to remove the from the sdcard though using something like astro file manager or your pc to browse again it doesn’t hurt anything but it is no longer needed. Glad you got everything working. All the comments should be helpful to anyone else that runs across this and I figured out how to fix the double quote issue that wordpress was causing. No bother at all we all started somewhere after all, nothing ever goes right the first time.

      • Scotty says:

        When it says finished do I tell it to reboot? Its sitting there staring at me lol

      • strifejester says:

        Yes just press the power button it should already have reboot selected. Then it will boot and you will see the Android is upgrading optimization screen. The optimization is dependent on the number of apps you have so it might take a while. Mine had 141 to optimize.

      • Scotty says:

        Sweet now im on 4.0.4. Hopefully next time there is an update ill just get it and wont have to go through the pain rofl. With that being said, I couldnt find mempodroid anywhere on my device or even the folder it was suppose to go in. I even did a search for it. Wonder where it went.

  8. John says:

    When I go into recovery mode I’m just getting the red triangle /exclamation

    • strifejester says:

      Press power then volume up when you are on this screen, it will take you to the recovery menu.

      • John says:

        Awesome!! That worked flawlessly. Thank you, I’ve been waiting for this update. I’m ecstatic I didn’t have to unlock my bootloader again

  9. Steven says:

    i am having trouble after entering this line -> ./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b mount -o remount,rw ” /system

    i enter that and the system responds with -> d4b mount -o remount,rw ” /system
    then it displays a > prompt.

    any ideas?

    • strifejester says:

      That is what it should do. After the next command the $ should change to a #

      • Steven says:

        i entered the next command and it leaves me at a > prompt, here is an image..

      • strifejester says:

        I captured my entire session last night and here is the ouput of what it should look like in he terminal if everything was successful for those steps.

        shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ chmod 777 mempodroid
        chmod 777 mempodroid
        shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ ./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b mount -o remount,rw ‘
        ‘ /system
        d4b mount -o remount,rw ” /system <
        shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ ./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b sh
        ./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b sh
        shell@android:/data/local/tmp # cd /sdcard

        It looks like it is kicking you out of the shell not sure what this could mean exactly as I have not come across it. Even when I ran the exploit again last night to see if the kernel vulnerability was still available on 4.0.4, which it isn't, I was not dropped out of the ADB shell. I will do a little more exploring but I am jsut finishing up lunch it may be a bit before I can dig into it.

        Also make sure it is 2 single quotes not a double quote on the line above it. I think the way it shows up people are typing a double quote. I copied and pasted it from the mempodroid page then verified it was 2 single quote marks.

      • Steven says:

        it does appear to have been because of the quotes.

        i copied the line straight from your session log below and it worked like it should.

        i am on the right

  10. diobando says:

    does this mean that the stock recovery gets unlocked?

    • strifejester says:

      Not quite sure what you mean. This will not unlock the bootloader the stock recovery has never been locked you have always been able to get to it to wipe data and cache or install a file this way. The process provides a temporary root that allows you to place the file though where the stock recovery looks for the update file. After this update though the mempodroid exploit will not work and I am currently unaware of any way to root your phone without unlocking the bootloader once you upgrade to 4.0.4 at this time.

      • diobando says:

        Thank you, I understand now, Now I’m thinking if I should just root and try to keep it after the update

      • strifejester says:

        I did not try voodoo root keeper but you may want to try it. It would require using mempodroid to insert the SU binary and apk as well during the steps. I have seen some tutorials on it but again have not personally done it yet. I would have to go back to 4.0.2 which I am sure I will be doing soon anyway to finish up another tutorial I am working on.

  11. diobando says:

    I tried this procedure, but once I type chmod 777 mempodroid nothing happens and just the cursor blinks underneath that command and I can just type and nothing happens

    • diobando says:

      I type ls once I am in shell@android:/data/local/tmp and nothing happens, all I get is a blinking cursor underneath any of these commands

  12. Matt says:

    Great instructions – thank you! I have one questions – will future official updates from VZW be allowed to pushed one the above 4.0.4 is installed this way? As if the phone was 100% stock, that is?

    • Matt says:

      followed the video and everything went great…. however, the video never asked for the ./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b mount -o remount,rw ” line that was mentioned…..odd

    • strifejester says:

      It will if Verizon makes this a general push. Since it has been pulled it may not be the final release which may prevent future updates.

  13. Brad says:

    Thanks for this, so much!!! This was the only solution that worked for stock (locked, non-rooted, non-kerneled) phones running 4.0.2! I’ve never rooted or re-kerneled or unlocked anything and the YouTube video (with your software download links) gave me all I needed to do the job. Bravo. 🙂

    My only problem is that after the upgrade, my LTE still is shoddy at best and often kills all cell reception (LTE, CDMA and voice — WiFi still works, though) until I either reset the radios by turning on and off the Airplane Mode or, in some instances, by needing to reboot the phone entirely.

    The good news is that this exact same problem happened with 4.0.2, so it’s not the radio patch that caused it — it’s obviously a hardware issue with my phone. I *was* hoping, however, that upgrading to 4.0.4 (F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!) would’ve fixed the issue. Nope. So what in the christ is the point of the upgrade, Verizon?!

    I’m switching to AT&T as soon as my contract is up in Feb. 2014… unless Verizon fixes their CDMA-LTE handoff radio murdering once and for all devices.

    Much obliged for this — I thought it was the software causing my junk LTE. Now I know for nearly certain that I got two lemons in a row. Exchange time, yet again.

  14. […] (Source) Share this:Share This entry was tagged 4.0.4, adb, android, galaxy nexus, mempodroid, unlocked, unrooted, update, verizon. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  15. […] already have 4.0.4 installed. I used this site: IMM76K Direct for Verizon Galaxy Nexus Manual OTA Instructions [UPDATED][New Working Link] StrifeJes… Worked well after I figured out what I was doing and doing wrong […]

  16. Jeff says:

    Thanks but I need help!!! I followed the procedure, as I had locked, unrooted 4.0.2. Unfortunately, the I used was build IMM30B. I downloaded the newer zip but the mempodroid exploit no doesn’t seem to work. Are there new offsets to use on a system with 4.0.4? Any ideas how to upgrade without wiping the phone?


    • strifejester says:

      As far as I know there is no incremental update from IMM30B to IMM76k. The only way to get to IMM76K is to have an unlocked bootloader and to flash the factory ICL53F image back to the phone and then use the process. The exploit in the kernel that mempodroid was using has been patched in the 4.0.4 kernel.

      • Jeff says:

        Will the OTA update bypass phones previously upgraded?

      • strifejester says:

        Once the OTA hits general push status your phone should already know it has the update and do nothing. Also, as long as this is the official OTA that is released to the general public it should not knock you off the upgrade path for the next OTA after this one. I have not seen the update return to Google’s servers though which is leading me to believe this OTA was not for general consumption. If it has a very high adoption rate though Google may make an incremental from this one since we did this update appear on Verizon display handsets.

      • Jeff says:

        If I’m on IMM30B would I get an OTA to later 4.0.4 builds? I don’t know how the upgrade logic decides whether a version is newer.

      • strifejester says:

        Possibly it is up to Google and VZW if they release it. There is an update script that checks your asserts when it is launched. Since IMM30B was not released to the general public though it is my opinion that there will not be an upgrade path from IMM30B. This means you will have to unlock the bootloader and flash the factory ICL53F then get the OTAs from there since that is the last and actual current general release build.

      • matt says:

        What about the people they had the 4.0.4 pushed to them? They can’t expect them to do anything but accept a new OTA when it’s released. The unsuspecting recipients can’t be expected to root, flash, etc…. these are ‘regular’ people

      • strifejester says:

        Yes there are regular people but from what I have seen only store displays got this. Some people also got IMM30B and there was no incremental to this update that I have found either. I would hope with the widespread adoption of this release there is an update but since I do not work for VZW, or Google I can’t say for sure what will happen.

  17. Rob says:

    I just updated my phone using the instructions above and noticed that my radios are different 1515.10 V.FC04/1515.FC05

  18. Anthony Greene says:

    Thank you for creating this, my phone acts newer/better than ever in all phases of use.

  19. stan says:

    keeps telling me cannot stat `` no such file or directory. is in the same folder as adb so idk whats going on. any help

  20. trlovejoy says:

    So which is the most recent update, IMM76K or IMM30B? I’d think the higher numberr…

  21. trlovejoy says:

    Can I use this process to go from IMM30B to IMM76K? I mistakenly flashed the older on.

    • strifejester says:

      Because the radios are not the same in IMM30B as ICL53F you cannot the updater script looks for specific versions to ensure it is on ICL53F before flashing. The only way to get to IMM76K is to be on the OTA 4.0.2 and then flash to directly to it. I mentioned in my other reply that the higher number is the newer release but you have to look at the letters as well. This is why ICL53F is lower than both IMM30B and IMM76K.

      • trlovejoy says:

        Do you think if I hold tight on IMM308 I’ll get the IMM76K OTA? I’m already seeing improvements in the radios. I was able to get a good 3g signal in a spot that has usually been weak for my phone.

  22. kaayem says:

    I second what trlovejoy is saying.. i mistakenly updated to the IMM30 yesterday since the link wasnt updated in the youtube video. is there a good way to go from that to the new IMM76k without losing data and or apps?

  23. kaayem says:

    i second what trlovejoy is saying. I mistakenly went o the imm30 build yesterday since it was still on the youtube video.. is there a good way to go from imm30 to im76k without losing data and apps?? potentially by only flashing back to the old radios or something? I would appreciate the help.

    • strifejester says:

      Not sure what would happen as long as you used voodoo root keeper but if you are not rooted you cannot flash radios without unlocking the bootdloader. Unlocking the bootloader wipes data there is no way that I know of to root the 4.0.4 build without unlocking. Not trying to be mean but the post is named IMM76K, the first download link has the file and you had to rename it. I cannot help that you rushed through and didn’t read everything or pay attention to the files you were using. I also stated to replace the IMM30B mentioned in the video with the the IMM76K file.

      • kaayem says:

        I understand it was my fault and your video was extremely helpful. I have been reading a lot on the best way to get to the newest version and just wanted to see if you knew of a way without wiping since you definitely know a lot more about this stuff than I do. My G nex is a work device so I was weary to root or unlock since I do not want to to lose access to my work emails but it seems like I have to in order to get back to 4.02 and upgrade to the latest version as IMM30B is likely off of the upgrade path. btw sorry for the double post.

      • strifejester says:

        The video I found but yes it was helpful I am working on a restore path right now that might work. There are some ADB backup commands that are available in the latest SDK that I am trying on my current 4.0.4 build. If I get it working I will post a new article detailing the process.

      • strifejester says:

        I am running a backup from 4.0.4 right now. I will then try to unlock, install 4.0.2, upgrade to 4.0.4, re-lock and restore the backup. If you wanted to get the backup yourself first make sure you have the SDK and the latest platform-tools. then type “adb backup -all -f C:\yourbackup.ab”

  24. trlovejoy says:

    OK, I just reread very carefully every word in this post and I see what I have to do… 😦

  25. trlovejoy says:

    Seriously, the whole process ran great, it was just my rushing through and not noticing the wrong file. I actually don’t mind rebuilding from scratch, it gives me the chance to weed out the apps I downloaded that looked interesting but then never used. To those in my boat I suggest you check out the nexus toolkit is a great way to do almost everything – except what is described here. 🙂

  26. Psunami says:

    I wasted about two hours with this today. Phone locks at the Google logo whenever I try to enter recovery mode. Either via adb command or via holding the power and vol buttons and selecting recovery. Can’t get any further than that. Looks like I’m stuck on 4.0.2 for a while.

    • strifejester says:

      Have not heard of that one before perhaps there is something damaged with the stock recovery. I am working on a way to allow you to backup the phone and then unlock/re-lock it if you choose I am hoping to have the new instructions up later this evening. Unlocking and flashing the stock image may fix your problem but I am not sure if 4.0.2 has the backup features.

      • Psunami says:

        Yeah, it’s an odd issue. Sure just looks like the recovery stuff is just broken right now on my phone. I could try and do a factory reset first, but not sure I want to lose what I’ve got on the phone. Thanks again for the instructions. They were nice and clear. Just didn’t work for me.

  27. Jeff says:

    I tried running adb backup against my locked 4.0.4 Gnex and it prompted me for the encryption password. I don’t remember ever having set one. No matter what I typed (or left the field blank), I couldn’t get the backup to proceed (the button on the phone would not respond). Any thoughts on what the problem would be?

  28. kaayem says:

    i unlocked, flashed 4.02, relocked, followed your method again but installed the correct file this time and am now running 4.04 IMM76k :D. What a lesson in android this has been! Thank you for everything.

  29. Is anyone willing to help a newb? I’d rather wait for the OTA update, but want to be ready when I get it. I am rooted and have an unlocked bootloader, but I am running stock rom. I also have the touch CWR installed. If, and a big IF, the update comes out tomorrow, what do I need to do to my phone to accept the OTA? Do I need to unroot and lock the bootloader and then apply the update? Should I take a back up, if so, what kind of back up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • strifejester says:

      All you should have to do is use the CWM backup and then you can use it to install the from you /cache folder similar to where we place the update in my instructions. The problem with the OTA is that it will check certain files and you must have the exact versions it is looking for. After the update you will probably have to re-flash CWM. I put up another post about making a backup using ADB that you could restore to the phone also after the update. You may have to take the CWM backup and then fastboot flash the stock GNex image from Google for the OTA to take. Honestly the OTA will only contain new radios everything should already be built from AOSP in any of the available ROMs. The problem with CWM is that it can be hard to take stuff from one ROM version to the next. Look into getting Titanium Backup from the Play Store. It is worth the money and will allow you to backup applications along with their data and market links. Using Titanium Backup you can restore just the data if the OTA contains a newer version or you can restore the app and data. Hope this helps.

  30. Conary says:

    First off, thanks for posting this. Awesome! I’m stuck, though. I have the VZW Galaxy Nexus I got in the store not 4 days ago. I was about to return the damn thing due to some issues I believe that the radio bands might fix.

    Problem(from the command line):

    C:\ANDUpdate>adb push mempodroid /data/local/tmpd

    C:\ANDUpdate>adb push /sdcard/
    cannot stat ‘’ : No such file or directory.

    100% Stock, 100% unrooted. Running ICL53F / 4.0.2

    What I’ve done: Installed: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (VZW) drivers for my Win 7 pc, installed the Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-tools(both checkmarked), downloaded both the, and mempodroid (Both in their own unique folder [close to C: for laziness.])

    I do wonder if I didn’t setup SDK tools / ADB correctly, and after I post this I will go over some step by step instructions for that again.

    I do not care about wiping my data, but I do think that if this update doesn’t work, I’d like to be able to return this to the verizon store without worrying about traces of anything unethical.

    ON THAT NOTE: Very impressed with the cleverness and detailed explanations of everything you did Strifejester. 4 thumbs up.

  31. Conary says:

    typo –

    C:\ANDUpdate>adb push mempodroid /data/local/tmp
    3639 KB/s (37273 bytes in 0.010s)

    C:\ANDUpdate>adb push /sdcard/
    cannot stat ‘’ : No such file or directory.

  32. Conary says:

    nevermind. wow. I completely forgot on my laptop that I don’t have extensions shown (haven’t used it but for this in over a year) so it’s…

    HAHA oh wow. ANYWAY on with the show.

  33. Steven says:

    I followed the instructions here, and did a prl update (create a new contact called PRL Update and put the phone number as *22899, and then call the contact) the phone will say it is programming, after it completed, i pulled the battery and turned the phone back on. ever since doing that i have not had any dropped calls, and no microphone drop outs either. Maybe it is just a coincidence, but i just wanted to put this out if anyone else wanted to try it as well.

    • strifejester says:

      I thought the PRL update was *22898 (that may be how you fully activate though which does a PRL update at the same time). What is your PRL number now? Verizon used to use different numbers for different areas but 4G appears to use the same PRL number for everyone. My PRL before doing anything is: 15109. I am going to look a little more into the *2289 options now though.

      • Steven says:

        My PRL is now 52686. I’ve been running since 2pm yesterday with no issues. My fingers are crossed, and deep down i think it is a coincidence, but you never know.

      • strifejester says:

        The numbering Scheme is a 3G PRL, I had that happen once before on my GNex and the next time I powered it off and back on it re-updated to the 15109 which is the same as on my wife’s RAZR. Not really sure what that means last i heard verizon was pushing the older 3G PRLs to areas that have no 4G close.

  34. […] this means the VZW has signed off on the update and anyone that did not use the instructions here: will be getting the OTA shortly.  This also should help alleviate worries that using the manual […]

  35. netfoo says:

    StrifeJester: It’s people like you that make Android so great. Applied 4.0.4 no problems. I have my GNex encrypted; so I am not able to load Clock Work Mod which eliminates the possibility of custom ROMs. Also my phone is locked; and I didn’t want to reload all my apps and settings. Thanks Again! VERY NICE!

  36. Jeff K says:

    I get as far as the part where I try and execute mempodroid. I get a Segmentation fault message everytime.

    139|shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ ./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b sh
    Segmentation fault

    Anyone have any ideas?

  37. Jeff K says:

    Nevermind I fixed my own problem. I had a bad mempodroid download. But redownloading and pushing does not overwrite the existing file. Had to rm the old one from the shel and repush.

    Everything worked after that.

  38. Goodtimez says:

    Getting Segmentation fault after ./mempodroid 0xd7f4 0xad4b sh Everything else went fine up to this point.

  39. Psunami says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I was finally able to install 4.0.4 as per your instructions. I had to download the Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit v1.3 by WugFresh and unlock the phone, wipe it completey with 4.0.2 (which is what I was running… but apparently my bootloader was corrupt) then I was able to upgrade to 4.0.4.

    Hopefully that will fix some of the issues that I was dealing with.

    Thanks again for the help.

  40. Mike says:

    How do I install this to a rooted phone?

  41. Ben says:

    Will this work with the 4.1.1 updates that are out?

    • StrifeJester says:

      No the newer kernels do not support the mempodroid method. You have to be on an older version for it to work. If you were somehow stuck on an early version with the proper kernel yes but after going to IMM76K you cannot use mempdroid anymore.

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