Droid X2 Update 418 Available [Download]

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Android, Droid X2
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The Droid X2 Soak test went out over the weekend and I wanted to play with it a little before releasing it and instructions for those of you out there that are not registered to the Motorola feedback network.  So far the phone does seem more responsive which is to be expected after a kernel update.  Read on for the file and how you can manually install it.

The Droid X2 Android Recovery still allows you to choose an update from your sdcard instead of requiring root and placing it in data/cache.  This makes installing the update really easy even if you are not rooted.  I was rooted at the time using the stock build and was able to keep root using the Voodoo OTA application.  If you don’t have it yet go get it here.  If you want to root your DX2 and have not done so yet you can find those instructions coming soon since I realized while writing this I have never posted them here.  Lets move on though since this tutorial will help non-root users as well.

Please note as always I am not responsible if you screw up your phone doing anything below.

First we need the update so grab that here.  Note the file should have the old version of Blur in the name.  Motorola has done this forever, so the file updates you to 418 from 380.

Place the file in your sdcard-ext “folder” and name it update.zip

Power off the phone

Hold Volume Down and then power the phone back on

It should now say Fastboot across the top

Press Volume Down until it says Android Recovery (7 Times) and then press Volume Up

It will show Entering Android Recovery and then take you to a screen with an Android under an exclamation point in a triangle.

Press Volume Up and Volume Down at the same time to be taken to the recovery menu

Use Volume Down to highlight apply update from sdcard and use Power to select

Highlight update.zip and then use Power to start the upgrade process

Once it has finished use Power to Select reboot

That should be all you need to do and you are on the latest build that was out to soak testers over the weekend.  So far I have noticed the phone is a little better on the battery but I only use my X2 with Groove IP as my home phone so I don’t get the normal day-to-day use as some of you might.  If you were rooted and used the OTA Root keeper you will want to boot up and restore your root access at this time.  The X2 was always a great phone with a lot of potential but the locked bootloader held it back like so many other Motorola devices.  Being a Tegra powered device there is no reason this phone is not capable of running ICS in my opinion.  Hopefully a bootloader unlock will be found or Motorola will be nice and give us the unlock one day.  I am not going to hold my breath on that though.  The Droid 3 isn’t even going to get ICS from the sound of it and moves like this are really hurting Motorola’s image.  Hopefully Google will make some changes but if it truly is going to keep things separate then there is probably little hope of that ever happening as well.  There was a video posted in February that showed ICS CM9 on the X2 but I have not kept up on development.  If I do find anything look for it here after I give it a whirl.


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