May CM9 Themes CyanogenMod 9 AOKP

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Android, Apps, CM9
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A few weeks ago I posted a link to some of the CM9 themes out there and have kept looking for new ones since those released.  I am pleased to write that there are lot more of them now and I have been trying a few here and there.  I am hoping to try a few and then either weekly or possibly monthly write up a post of my favorite ones.  Here are a few that I found in the last few weeks that I think are worth a mention.

I am going to link to the developer search for this one since so far there are only themes in the market by this dev.  There are 3 free themes and 1 of them is a donate theme.  I have tried them and like the color changes running on my NS4G.  I have not yet tried them on any other device that I own currently.  Using the NS4G I did get an error about assets but as mentioned in the app description ignoring the error and applying anyway works fine.  There are a lot of custom icons in the themes that you may or may not like.  I enjoy the icon changes and hope to see more colors coming soon from the dev.  The only thing I noticed was the scroll bars in a few areas are not colored properly.  This happens in the Crimson theme, when you go to the app drawer the indicator under Apps/Widgets is still the ICS blue, so are the menus when you long press power.  I think this is from the missing assets but again have not tried this on anything besides the NS4G and you may have different results.  If you like the stock ICS blue then you may want to look into the Cobalt theme.  The color is very close but with all of the custom icons you still get a new feel to your phone.  You will also have to reset your background each time you change the theme.  Also I do recommend like the instructions also say, to reboot after applying.  There are a lot of changes and I noticed a few small things that are cleared up on a reboot, some of this may be due to switching up to 5 themes at a time on my device though.

Three great themes and if you enjoy them please consider buying the donate version of Cobalt.  Hopefully we will see more colors coming soon, I personally would love to see an orange or a dark green myself.

Click here to go to his app page.


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