VZW Galaxy Nexus Binaries are now available for AOSP Builds.

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Android, Galaxy Nexus
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There was a change to the Google drivers page that now includes the CDMA and LTE drivers for the VZW GNex.  Yeah you read the title and that first sentence right.  Not sure if NFC will work since that is listed separate for the Nexus S but not listed for the Galaxy Nexus.  The good news is though a clean AOSP source build will have working CDMA LTE.  Expect the Jelly Bean ROMs to take off now that the source is live and you can pull the binaries.  There is one thing though that everyone should know before jumping for joy.  We are missing some files yet…

If you go to the Google Nexus page here you will see that the VZW Galaxy Nexus matches the GSM Galaxy Nexus. https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/drivers

But there are few things missing from that list, JBQ has mentioned that the Nexus S is the preferred device since it has almost everything right now that you would need.  I do not see the camera listed for the Nexus S but there is at least GPS and NFC which the toro and maguro are currently lacking.  Could we see them in the future?  I hope so but until we do you will need to get them somewhere else if you want to build AOSP.  Thankfully they are not hard to get.

I find it kind of sad the Nexus S is still considered the go to device with Galaxy Nexus out for over 6 months now and with a new device possibly coming later this year.


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