Nexus 7 Shipping Now

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Android, Nexus 7
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Google Play via Google+ today announced that the first wave of pre-orders are going out now.  I ordered mine within minutes of them being available and hope that mine is in the first batch to go out the door.  Read more for the link to the original post and more details.

Google’s Nexus 7 should be a worth competitor to the Kindle Fire and the B&N Nook Tablet.  I personally like the Play Store better than Amazon’s Appstore, not sure if it wrecks batteries on the Kindle Fire like it does on a phone or tablet.

Look for more info on the Nexus 7 coming soon.

The website is still listing it as pre-order and a few other reports mention that Google hopes to have all pre-orders out the door withing the next 3 days.  There are also a few reports floating around that GameStop is allowing anyone that pre-ordered a tablet through them to pick it up today and will even sell anything that is not a pre-order reserve.

Here is the Original Google+ post:


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