Story Missions Finished Review Coming Soon

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Defiance, Gaming, PC
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I picked up Defiance as a pre-order from Steam for the bonus items and other content and started playing as soon as I got home from work on release day. Needless to say I have not hardly played anything else since Tuesday the 2nd. Read on for some quick early impressions that I will try to keep as spoiler free as I can.

The game was easy to start and get going but one thing that I thought was seriously lacking was character customization. For an MMO it didn’t give me depth I wanted when creating my Ark Hunter. Most MMOs have a lot of minor things you can do to characters such as tattoos and piercings and Defiance only gave a few options for these and most of them were preset in your choices.

I have finished the “Episode Missions” which are Missions that tie into the TV Series that will launch on the 15th on SyFy. They are relatively short and give you some back story on Nolan and Irisa and also upon completion get you their outfits to wear. They don’t take long and from watching the Making of Defiance special on SyFy we are told that the final cinematic of the Mission chain is the opening sequence of the series. The game takes place in what used to be the San Francisco Bay Area, while the show takes place in St. Louis which is now known as Defiance in memory of the The Battle of Defiance. They have said you can watch the show and play the game or only do one and still not be lost. I imagine there will be some decent back story in the Episode Missions in the game and really only small things that people who watch and play will pick up on. The current Story is actually pretty short and I am hoping that they add a lot more to it in the near future. Getting to end game content in only 8 days with a day off seems to not be worth it. The real draw here is not as an MMO with an immerse story but the Arkfalls and Shadow War. Playing as an FPS the game has great potential for the casual MMO or cross over player. A friend of mine that absolutely hates MMORPGs; maybe not hates, but they are not his cup of tea, does however enjoy games like Borderlands and Dead Island which this reminds a lot of except it is not as repetitive. If you want to spend all day playing PVP and buying weapons and mods from vendors go ahead but you will get left behind. The missions become a way to go out and get gear and loot take back into war with you. Think of yourself as Mercenary and your only goal is to have the biggest baddest weapons out there, at least that is how I am positioning myself to help immerse in it. The game lends to that as well, you go from not trusted to not a bad guy in no time at all.

The weapon system at first and still is one of the worst parts of the game in my opinion, it is a cross between borderlands and something else I haven’t put my finger on yet. More about that in full review though. Check back soon for more posts now that I am back from my hiatus.

  1. Matt Evans says:

    I’m trying really hard to get this game working under Linux Mint 14.1 (Ubuntu) and Wine.

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