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I throw in a few dart leagues over the winter and because of that I am in bars a few days a week to go along with that. Many bars now have the Touch Tunes Jukebox. This was a nice addition when it first started becoming popular because if the bar allowed it to be internet connected then you could download a song on the fly if it wasn’t on the machine already. They also accept credit card on a lot of them allowing you to buy credits up front that are good on any jukebox that you go to. It can also store your favorite songs so that with a few quick taps you can play your favorite songs wherever you are. Great thing to have except what I noticed today after 7 hours mostly spent in meetings that my phone was dead. (more…)


So I bit the bullet and bought a Moto 360 over the weekend. I was without a watch for about 3 months. The current watch I was using needed a new battery but they were very hard to find, the watch is only like 3 years old which is another rant for another day. I had been debating between the black and the stone color options for the Moto 360 for a few days. I decided on stone since the black on black on black I thought might get to be a little too much. Overall the watch was easy to pair with my phone and within about 15 minutes I was through the short tutorial and using the watch. Read on for more details and my first thoughts on both the Moto 360 and Android Wear. (more…)

I was a victim to clicking through things too fast and was recently greeted with a blank friends list when I pulled my phone out the other day to see if my wife had made it where she was going. ¬†The version of maps that is running on devices with Jelly Bean such as the Nexus 7 is different than what is currently running on 4.0.4. ¬†If you did what I did and un-checked the wrong box you can actually mess up friends for all other mobile devices and even using a browser. ¬†Instructions on how to get your Friend List back after the break. (more…)

A few weeks ago I posted a link to some of the CM9 themes out there and have kept looking for new ones since those released.  I am pleased to write that there are lot more of them now and I have been trying a few here and there.  I am hoping to try a few and then either weekly or possibly monthly write up a post of my favorite ones.  Here are a few that I found in the last few weeks that I think are worth a mention.


I recently created a Google Currents Publication. ¬†Google unfortunately will not publish your Publication until a certain number of people have added you using a special distribution link. ¬†Read more for the link and a QR code that you can use on your device. (more…)

Android is a nice “open” Operating System. ¬†I use the term open loosely because of carrier lock down and other outside factors that are not related to Android but plague most users. ¬†If you are anything like me though you have a few old Android phones lying around. ¬†Android is such a great OS and the apps that are out there make it something I want to carry around without having 3 different Gmail accounts on my daily use phone, I don’t mind carrying a few devices with me either. ¬†Without rooting a phone it was difficult to find a decent dialer or setup that worked well for VOIP. ¬†The method I found has been out there for a while but I am finally getting around to creating a decent article for it since it’s something I have been using while working on my builds. ¬†Read on for the apps and setup that are needed to make use of that old handset you might have lying around. ¬†Tablet and other Android device users such as Galaxy Player users you really need to read this too. (more…)

Chrome Finally Arrives

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Android, Apps
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If you are anything like me you have been waiting for this for a long time. ¬†Today Chrome hit the market in Beta form. ¬†Read on for a direct link to the apk if you cannot get it and more details. (more…)

Steam is now officially available on the Android Market. ¬†I used to think Steam was going to be a passing fad and stuck to purchasing physical copies of my games. ¬†Now I always check Steam when a new game is released to see if it is available or if there are any good deals running. ¬†With older titles and a library that seems to keep expanding I have embraced Steam and have an ever growing collection. ¬†The app allows you to chat with users on your friends list and a multitude of other features. ¬†Click more for link and description. (more…)