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Android is a nice “open” Operating System.  I use the term open loosely because of carrier lock down and other outside factors that are not related to Android but plague most users.  If you are anything like me though you have a few old Android phones lying around.  Android is such a great OS and the apps that are out there make it something I want to carry around without having 3 different Gmail accounts on my daily use phone, I don’t mind carrying a few devices with me either.  Without rooting a phone it was difficult to find a decent dialer or setup that worked well for VOIP.  The method I found has been out there for a while but I am finally getting around to creating a decent article for it since it’s something I have been using while working on my builds.  Read on for the apps and setup that are needed to make use of that old handset you might have lying around.  Tablet and other Android device users such as Galaxy Player users you really need to read this too. (more…)


I had to send in my Droid X, well they had to send me a new one so I could send the old one in.  Mine had a line of dead pixels was chewing through battery and fried an SD Card.  Anyways I took it to corporate got everything replaced and then after setting up the new one I noticed the Market was the old style.  Did a little digging and then came up with this:  Go to the Market in applications then do a force stop, clear the cache (you do not need to clear data) and then fire it up.  This instantly gave me the new market layout.  Hope someone else is helped by this.

Mobile Post

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Android, Droid X

Got my Droid X all set to post. Keep an eye out for pictures and what not.