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I was a victim to clicking through things too fast and was recently greeted with a blank friends list when I pulled my phone out the other day to see if my wife had made it where she was going.  The version of maps that is running on devices with Jelly Bean such as the Nexus 7 is different than what is currently running on 4.0.4.  If you did what I did and un-checked the wrong box you can actually mess up friends for all other mobile devices and even using a browser.  Instructions on how to get your Friend List back after the break. (more…)


There was a change to the Google drivers page that now includes the CDMA and LTE drivers for the VZW GNex.  Yeah you read the title and that first sentence right.  Not sure if NFC will work since that is listed separate for the Nexus S but not listed for the Galaxy Nexus.  The good news is though a clean AOSP source build will have working CDMA LTE.  Expect the Jelly Bean ROMs to take off now that the source is live and you can pull the binaries.  There is one thing though that everyone should know before jumping for joy.  We are missing some files yet… (more…)

For those that were waiting to see if IMM76K would come back to the Google servers it appears the link is working again.  I have not done any MD5 checking to see if it hashes out the same yet but assume since it is the same link that it is the same file (Windows Compare from a command line says they compare OK though).  Hopefully this means the VZW has signed off on the update and anyone that did not use the instructions here: will be getting the OTA shortly.  This also should help alleviate worries that using the manual instructions would take you off the official update path.

With the 4.0.4 leak out a lot of people were wondering what happens if this is not made available to the general public.  I did some digging around have been working with the built in backup of ICS using ADB.  Read on for instructions to backup your phone. (more…)

So everyone has been waiting for the IMM76K update today and here it is. (more…)

Android is a nice “open” Operating System.  I use the term open loosely because of carrier lock down and other outside factors that are not related to Android but plague most users.  If you are anything like me though you have a few old Android phones lying around.  Android is such a great OS and the apps that are out there make it something I want to carry around without having 3 different Gmail accounts on my daily use phone, I don’t mind carrying a few devices with me either.  Without rooting a phone it was difficult to find a decent dialer or setup that worked well for VOIP.  The method I found has been out there for a while but I am finally getting around to creating a decent article for it since it’s something I have been using while working on my builds.  Read on for the apps and setup that are needed to make use of that old handset you might have lying around.  Tablet and other Android device users such as Galaxy Player users you really need to read this too. (more…)

Over the weekend it looks like a few people got their hands on the 4.0.4 release for the Galaxy nexus.  This includes a new radio and bootloader.  Does this mean the OTA is coming soon? There was no leak of 4.0.3 for the Galaxy Nexus but from everything I have gathered 4.0.3 was only for the Nexus S and 4.0.4 was the next planned release  for the Galaxy Nexus.  There was also a lot of heated discussions over Google’s statements of support on CDMA devices. I am not going to get into the CDMA issue here because it’s a lengthy topic and I want to see what it leads to. I will however post some links of the radio and bootloader for everyone to download. (more…)

I have decided to merge Peter Alfonso’s Github repositories into my AOSP build.  This allows my build to reach a much more stable level much faster.  I have forked the repositories and will be merging/adding as I go.  This also helps me to learn how changes are made and what functions they do by comparing AOSP to Pete’s repos. (more…)

Image from the GNex Wallpapers

So you knew it was only a matter of time until someone got the Galaxy Nexus and dumped everything that makes it tick.  They have already rooted it and have now taken that one step further by posting the boot, system and recovery image.  Read on for the files. (more…)