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There has been a huge storm on the internet about Verizon and their shared data lately.  I am primarily a VZW subscriber but do have service with Sprint as well.  I think the data sizes are a little small but other than that the plan is decent for the average consumer which after-all is who VZW is aiming for.  All of the people like me that are building ROMs and tweaking where they can are going to have some regrets losing unlimited data.  Read on to see my data usage and how this new shared format will actually save me over $80 a month. (more…)



Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I would like to let everyone know that we have officially crossed the 1000 view mark according to WordPress Stats.  This is something I thought would take a lot longer to get to honestly.  I am going to keep trying to post relevant content and other information that will hopefully keep everyone coming back.  With 669 views last year and already over 300 this year that is great news.  As I grow the support content on the page I am considering moving the site from a hosted blog to my own webserver.  Currently all of the files are hosted on my webserver but I thought this blog would not be worth putting on there.  I guess I was wrong and will be looking at the process to move everything over in the near future.  Thank you again to everyone who has dropped by so far.

Server Purchased

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I broke down and rented a Linux box finally.  So far there is not much on it but it is a functioning DNS server.  I am going to monitor my bandwidth for a few days and see how many people stumble across it before making the IPs known.  After I get that setup I will be registering the NS records for  Currently is up and running as another blog related to .net domain but that may all get moved to in the near future.  There is my recent update as to what has all been going on more to come soon I hope.


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This blog is going to have a lot to do with my Android and other Linux rants.  I have been a Windows user for years and never got into Crapple products.  I always did some basic Linux stuff whether it be DNS or small LAMP servers.  Since the release of Android I have been focusing more on Linux and really pushing my limits of what I know.  I will be using this space to keep people updated on what I break and hopefully help some people along the way.