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I throw in a few dart leagues over the winter and because of that I am in bars a few days a week to go along with that. Many bars now have the Touch Tunes Jukebox. This was a nice addition when it first started becoming popular because if the bar allowed it to be internet connected then you could download a song on the fly if it wasn’t on the machine already. They also accept credit card on a lot of them allowing you to buy credits up front that are good on any jukebox that you go to. It can also store your favorite songs so that with a few quick taps you can play your favorite songs wherever you are. Great thing to have except what I noticed today after 7 hours mostly spent in meetings that my phone was dead. (more…)


I was a victim to clicking through things too fast and was recently greeted with a blank friends list when I pulled my phone out the other day to see if my wife had made it where she was going.  The version of maps that is running on devices with Jelly Bean such as the Nexus 7 is different than what is currently running on 4.0.4.  If you did what I did and un-checked the wrong box you can actually mess up friends for all other mobile devices and even using a browser.  Instructions on how to get your Friend List back after the break. (more…)

A few weeks ago I posted a link to some of the CM9 themes out there and have kept looking for new ones since those released.  I am pleased to write that there are lot more of them now and I have been trying a few here and there.  I am hoping to try a few and then either weekly or possibly monthly write up a post of my favorite ones.  Here are a few that I found in the last few weeks that I think are worth a mention.


CM9 Themes Growing

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Android
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I follow the CM9 team on G+ and came across the post about the new Holo themes the other day.  I went and grabbed the 2 that were currently available and was very satisfied with changes and how much of CM9 changed with it.  If any of you ran the ROM I put together for the NS4G you will know I like the color red.  Good news, some new colors have been added and red is one of them.  Read more for links to the Play Store. (more…)

I recently created a Google Currents Publication.  Google unfortunately will not publish your Publication until a certain number of people have added you using a special distribution link.  Read more for the link and a QR code that you can use on your device. (more…)

Chrome Finally Arrives

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Android, Apps
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If you are anything like me you have been waiting for this for a long time.  Today Chrome hit the market in Beta form.  Read on for a direct link to the apk if you cannot get it and more details. (more…)

Steam is now officially available on the Android Market.  I used to think Steam was going to be a passing fad and stuck to purchasing physical copies of my games.  Now I always check Steam when a new game is released to see if it is available or if there are any good deals running.  With older titles and a library that seems to keep expanding I have embraced Steam and have an ever growing collection.  The app allows you to chat with users on your friends list and a multitude of other features.  Click more for link and description. (more…)