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Here it is the link from good to the Jelly Bean for the Nexus S 4G.  Read on for the link and instructions. (more…)


So you don’t want to flash that nice full factory image I posted?  What if you are not one of the first people to get the OTA since Sprint said it could take “weeks” for all devices to get it? Read on for the update link and instructions. (more…)

Here is a followup to the extracted radio from earlier.  I have the 4.0.4 IMM76D build for the NS4G uploaded and ready to go with instructions.  This will wipe your device there are plenty of 4.0.4 builds out there from source already but if you want to try what the OTA should be here it is.  I am working on updating my ROM and should have a 4.0.4 based build ready sometime this week. (more…)

Over the weekend it looks like a few people got their hands on the 4.0.4 release for the Galaxy nexus.  This includes a new radio and bootloader.  Does this mean the OTA is coming soon? There was no leak of 4.0.3 for the Galaxy Nexus but from everything I have gathered 4.0.3 was only for the Nexus S and 4.0.4 was the next planned release  for the Galaxy Nexus.  There was also a lot of heated discussions over Google’s statements of support on CDMA devices. I am not going to get into the CDMA issue here because it’s a lengthy topic and I want to see what it leads to. I will however post some links of the radio and bootloader for everyone to download. (more…)