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I will make this short and sweet.  Anyone that was waiting for the Jelly Bean image to be available direct from Google can now go get it here:  This should make flashing new ROMs a lot less worry-some.  Get the images and then go ahead flash to your heart’s content. <— Directly to the file if you don’t want to see it on the page.




Here it is the link from good to the Jelly Bean for the Nexus S 4G.  Read on for the link and instructions. (more…)

Here it is the link to the XOOM IMM76L update.  Instructions coming soon.


The Droid X2 Soak test went out over the weekend and I wanted to play with it a little before releasing it and instructions for those of you out there that are not registered to the Motorola feedback network.  So far the phone does seem more responsive which is to be expected after a kernel update.  Read on for the file and how you can manually install it. (more…)

So everyone has been waiting for the IMM76K update today and here it is. (more…)

So you don’t want to flash that nice full factory image I posted?  What if you are not one of the first people to get the OTA since Sprint said it could take “weeks” for all devices to get it? Read on for the update link and instructions. (more…)

I might be a little late on this one but the Nexus S 4G IMM76D Factory image is available.  If you don’t want to wait for your OTA notification or if you just don’t want to ever go back to gingerbread here is the link:

Here is a followup to the extracted radio from earlier.  I have the 4.0.4 IMM76D build for the NS4G uploaded and ready to go with instructions.  This will wipe your device there are plenty of 4.0.4 builds out there from source already but if you want to try what the OTA should be here it is.  I am working on updating my ROM and should have a 4.0.4 based build ready sometime this week. (more…)

Got my hands on the 4.0.4 leak and here is the radio from it.  Read more for the link to it and instructions. (more…)

I finally got my hands on an HP TouchPad.  I was at the local Best Buy this weekend and they had 1 32GB left for $149.99.  I grabbed it took it home and gave WebOS about 45 minutes to impress me.  Needless to say it didn’t impress at all.  My wife will be the primary user of the tablet and wanted to use our Nook account, so I hit their “Market” and there is no Nook app.  She was instantly ready for ICS which meant I got to play with it.  Read more for a little information about my install issues and some great news about CM9. (more…)