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So I bit the bullet and bought a Moto 360 over the weekend. I was without a watch for about 3 months. The current watch I was using needed a new battery but they were very hard to find, the watch is only like 3 years old which is another rant for another day. I had been debating between the black and the stone color options for the Moto 360 for a few days. I decided on stone since the black on black on black I thought might get to be a little too much. Overall the watch was easy to pair with my phone and within about 15 minutes I was through the short tutorial and using the watch. Read on for more details and my first thoughts on both the Moto 360 and Android Wear. (more…)


The Droid X2 Soak test went out over the weekend and I wanted to play with it a little before releasing it and instructions for those of you out there that are not registered to the Motorola feedback network.  So far the phone does seem more responsive which is to be expected after a kernel update.  Read on for the file and how you can manually install it. (more…)

XOOM Updates and Releases

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Android, XOOM
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So the XOOM has been out a whole whopping 15 days or so.  The first update is available, Moto says they will upgrade the hardware on rooted devices and has provided stock files and instructions.  What a nice 15 days its been so far.  Adobe has even announced Flash will be here the 18th.  Could things get any better?  Well I am sure they could but so far it’s pretty sweet rocking the XOOM train.  Keep on reading to get links to the stock firmware, update and a few other goodies. (more…)