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Here it is the link from good to the Jelly Bean for the Nexus S 4G.  Read on for the link and instructions. (more…)


So everyone has been waiting for the IMM76K update today and here it is. (more…)

A new radio for the Nexus S 4G is available.  Hit up the jump for a link and instructions. (more…)

Over the weekend it looks like a few people got their hands on the 4.0.4 release for the Galaxy nexus.  This includes a new radio and bootloader.  Does this mean the OTA is coming soon? There was no leak of 4.0.3 for the Galaxy Nexus but from everything I have gathered 4.0.3 was only for the Nexus S and 4.0.4 was the next planned release  for the Galaxy Nexus.  There was also a lot of heated discussions over Google’s statements of support on CDMA devices. I am not going to get into the CDMA issue here because it’s a lengthy topic and I want to see what it leads to. I will however post some links of the radio and bootloader for everyone to download. (more…)