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There was a change to the Google drivers page that now includes the CDMA and LTE drivers for the VZW GNex. ¬†Yeah you read the title and that first sentence right. ¬†Not sure if NFC will work since that is listed separate for the Nexus S but not listed for the Galaxy Nexus. ¬†The good news is though a clean AOSP source build will have working CDMA LTE. ¬†Expect the Jelly Bean ROMs to take off now that the source is live and you can pull the binaries. ¬†There is one thing though that everyone should know before jumping for joy. ¬†We are missing some files yet… (more…)


4.0.4 Hits AOSP

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Android
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JBQ posted to Google Groups that 4.0.4 was being pushed today and should be done around 3PM PDT.  I will be pulling in all of the changes and taking a look at what it will change in my ROM and hopefully have something soon.  Here is the link to the Group Post:  More info coming soon.

I have decided to merge Peter Alfonso’s Github repositories into my AOSP build. ¬†This allows my build to reach a much more stable level much faster. ¬†I have forked the repositories and will be merging/adding as I go. ¬†This also helps me to learn how changes are made and what functions they do by comparing AOSP to Pete’s repos. (more…)